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Non-russian march - The globe of Latvia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Non-russian march [Sep. 8th, 2007|08:51 pm]
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I was passing by a monument of Barclay de Tolli at 18:15 - like there Russian-speaking extremists arranged the "Russian march". The ears fade until this time. That there saw:
Fifty marginalies, listen to any nazi,
One hundred cops from different services,
And - yes will pardon us Cthulhu - three hundred mad shouting baboons in green wigs. North-Ireland football fans. On their background ours seem an embodiment of manners and intelligence. And together with this anxious crowd sticking to everything that moves on foots irrespective of amount of foots, I has passed pair quarters. Especially to take photos did not risk, the crowd was too drunk.
And can, while Latvians sit in Ireland South mostly, to send Russianmarching to Ireland North? Who whom not win, one madmen would become less.
As I live in one quarter from stadium, fans of everyones has seen enough, but NIRers were worst of looked.